We believe in the fundamentality of decentralized governance. The decision making process is exclusive to those who have invested in the platform, in this case, those who possess LPC. Numerous crypto investors have their eyes on the project’s development and as they anticipate its prospect, they are willing to establish the best solution. Their dedication drives the progress and advance of the ecosystem, and LPC owes its success to collaborative efforts. Every single LPC owner is a participant, profiting from the increase of token value while joining in the cultivation of the community.

The governance of LPC is divided into 3 parts:


Members of the council and their term of office is decided by all participants through election. There are five seats in the council which are all open to the public and any LPC owner qualifies as a candidate. Their role is to maintain the development of LPC’s ecosystem.


The technical committee will account for the stability and security of blockchain. They can submit urgent proposals to the council and these proposals will be immediately proceeded once verified. Seats of the technical committee are reserved for technical staff that are experts in blockchain and source code.


The governance committee authorizes the council to verify proposals and to make executive decisions on the platform. In this case, members of the governance committee are participants who staked on LPC. It should be taken note that only the first ten participants with the most stakes are ‘effective stakers’, and these ten stakers automatically assume their positions in the governance committee.